Agrochemical or agrichemical is essentially agricultural chemical, a generic term for chemical based agricultural products. Majorly, agrochemicals refer to a broad range of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. It even includes synthetic fertilizers, hormones and other chemical growth agents, and concentrated stores of animal manure. Agrochemicals are generally toxic in nature and bulk storage has to be very controlled or else accidental spillage of such chemicals may cause environmental or health hazards.

Suppliers and manufacturers of fertilizers, insecticides, anthelmintics, mineral and vitamin supplements, pharmaceuticals, growthpromotants, feed additives, sanitation materials. The industry produces much of agriculture's applied research and maintains the database of agricultural technical and scientific knowledge. India is the fourth largest producer of Agro chemicals after United States, Japan and china.


India agrochemicals market is supported by strong growth drivers. Current low consumption of crop protection products in India, 0.6 kg/ha compared to world average of 3 kg/ha, offers immense opportunities for future growth. Availability of cheap labor and low processing costs offers opportunity for MNCs to setup their manufacturing hubs in India for their export markets. The sector is also driven by huge opportunity for contract manufacturing and research for Indian players due to large availability of technically skilled labor

The low utilization of agrochemicals in our country is mainly due to irregular demands during seasonal crops and dependence of farmers on the monsoon season. Operational ‘working capitals’ are further hiked due to the long credit given to the farmers. Low cost manufacturing of the agrochemicals and availability of low cost labor actually enables India to export agrochemicals to US, some European and African countries.


Agrochemical industry with an ageing research workforce, it is looking toward hiring the next generation of leaders.

To get into this industry you need expertise in your particular discipline (chemistry, biology, toxicology, or process engineering, for example) but also a broader scientific base. You need an interest in other aspects of science, because you'll be working with people from the other branches. As a rule, research chemists at the B.Sc. or Ph.D. level, and look for Ph.D.s and postdocs when hiring team leaders.


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