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The media and entertainment industry captures a wide variety of companies that serve to provide products and services that keep the everyday consumer engaged. There are a number of segments within the industry, each of which provides a different form of entertainment to consumers around the world. These segments include traditional print media, television, radio broadcasting, film entertainment, video games, advertising and perhaps most importantly, the manufacturers of the technology that the above segments rely on. The significance of these manufacturers cannot be overlooked when considering the industry as a whole; after all none of these segments has been around longer than the technology used for its distribution. Due to its dependency on technological developments new segments of the media and entertainment industry are constantly up and coming. To that end, the most significant technological development (in recent years, at least) for the evolution of the media industry has been the rise of the internet. This technology alone has changed how media is consumed and furthermore has created entirely new sectors and platforms for mainstream entertainment that are still in the early stages of their development.


The Indian entertainment and media (E&M) industry has out-performed the Indian economy and is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The E&M industry generally tends to grow faster when the economy is expanding. The Indian economy has been growing at a fast clip over the last few years, and the income levels too have been experiencing a high growth rate. Above that, consumer spending is also on the rise, due to a sustained increase in disposable incomes, brought about by reduction in personal income tax over the last decade. All these factors have given an impetus to the E&M industry and are likely to contribute to the growth of this industry in the future. Besides these economic and personal income-linked factors, there are a host of other factors that are contributing to this high growth rate.

The Indian economy continues to perform strongly and one of the key sectors that benefits from this fast economic growth is the E&M industry. This is because the E&M industry is a cyclical industry that grows faster when the economy is expanding. It also grows faster than the nominal GDP during all phases of economic activity due to its income elasticity wherein when incomes rise, more resources get spent on leisure and entertainment and less on necessities. Further, consumption spending itself is increasing due to rising disposable incomes on account of sustained growth in income levels, and this also builds the case for a strong bullish growth in the sector

Career opportunities

Careers in the media are some of the most highly-contested around, with entry-level jobs often attracting hundreds of applications. Whether you're looking to get into print, online, TV or design, or media job descriptions will help give you the edge over your competitors.

It is important to be aware that media research is not the same as academic research. It is more closely related to journalism and involves coming up with ideas, finding people to appear in programmes, fact-checking and ensuring compliance with copyright and other legislation. It requires very good interpersonal and organizational skills and is not a career for people who are happier with books and archives than with other people!

The core of media and entertainment management consists of the media sector as a whole; music, television, film, print or publishing, audiovisual and advertising. This ensures management career opportunities in the media and entertainment at a broadcasting company or a publisher, at an entertainment company or an event organizer or specialization in film, music, or television Production Company. Time management, communication skills, creativity, technological and analytical skills constitute key management strategies in the media and entertainment sector.


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