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Generally, a not-for-profit is an organization that does not operate for the profit, personal gain or other benefit of particular people. This can include people such as its members, the people who run it or their friends or relatives. The definition of not-for-profit applies both while the organization is operating and if it ‘winds up’

An organization does not fail to be a not-for-profit if it simply provides a benefit to a member while genuinely carrying out its purpose. For example, organizations such as self-help groups can be not-for-profits if the benefits provided to members are consistent with the purposes of the organization. In this example, a self-help group for young parents can provide counseling services to a young parent who is a member of the organization. The member is also a person in need who is helped by the organization.



There is a wide range of structures open to organizations which are active in the community. People frequently refer to such organizations as ‘not-for-profit’ or ‘non profit-making’ organizations. While these may be handy informal descriptions, these terms have no legal meaning in this country and do not refer to any particular legal structure. 


Over the past couple of years there has been a significant decline in government funding of many nonprofit organizations’ programmatic activities by state and local governments and the federal government due to the recession. This has created a service gap due to the increased demand for services by communities and individuals that nonprofits provide. In 2013, more than half of the nonprofits surveyed by the Nonprofit Finance Fund reported they didn’t expect to have enough resources to meet increased community needs that they were projecting. This increased need for services and the lack of resources available to nonprofits has created a service gap for many nonprofits. This is likely to continue to increase until the economy improves




The nonprofit sector has grown rapidly since the WWII period, with the number of nonprofit organizations expanding exponentially. These ‘boomer’ nonprofits now need an influx of new talent that is professionally educated, technically savvy, and more international than ever before.

Today, our higher education system struggles to provide the type of dynamic leadership training programs that will prepare future nonprofit leaders for the challenges they will face. Many MBA and MPA programs offer concentrations in nonprofit management and leadership, and the demand for academic courses and programs is strong and growing. A new generation of potential managers and leaders — professionally trained and technologically savvy — is slowly emerging from America’s universities. The current ‘boomer’ generation must appreciate this new talent and learn how to harness it effectively. Consider the implications. A young intern with a bachelor’s degree and coursework in web design, communications and nonprofit management could stuff envelopes, or more fittingly, become your dedicated go-to staff person for social media who doubles your fundraising efficiency.

As nonprofit staffs continue to become more professionalized with career-focused managers, nonprofit and other specialized programs (like seminars, executive education programs, webinars and conferences) will materialize to fill the gap left by traditional education. Experienced practitioners wishing to make the leap to a leadership role increasingly have the capability to do so, and current leaders need to think realistically about who will lead and staff their organizations to meet the demands of the future.


When it comes to serving the hiring needs of high-impact nonprofits, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We’ve developed a range of services so that organizations can fill positions across all functional areas and at every level of the organizational chart, from Executive Assistant to Executive Director.

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