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NCS is a recruitment solutions company based in Hyderabad, India. At NCS we understand the importance of human resource outsourcing as many corporations like to delegate or bypass the cost and resource required for the staffing processes. RPO in India is still a relatively new concept and is continuously evolving throughout the subcontinent. We understand the potential of this field and have created a dedicated team that can efficiently cater to all the outsourcing needs of any company, size, or location. If you are looking for RPO solutions, we could be your ultimate choice for it. We deal in all kinds of recruitment related processes including recruitment process outsourcing.

Through constant effort and hard-work we dream to achieve and dominate the pinnacle position of RPO services in India. We believe in our dreams, our visions, our team, our quality of services and our clients. Our sole purpose is to navigate through the jargon of the client’s problems and to offer a valid, feasible and cost effective solution. Our principle: The Right Man for the Right Job!

The world has gone immensely competitive and recruiting the right candidate for any position has become a daunting task. But as any problems with the recruitment process can lay very adverse effects on a business, you need to be very careful about it. A company has to keep various aspects of organization like operations, marketing, sales, finance and human resource in mind. It’s quite difficult to find the right person for hiring with so many things to be taken care of, that’s why RPO in India supposes to be the most appropriate option for you.

At NCS, we provide excellent recruitment process outsourcing services. Our extreme expertise and dedication have made us one of the leading RPO companies in India within just a few initial years since its inception. We provide efficient services amid day by day changing scenario of the economic world. It is important for an RPO company to comprehend the partnership between a company with recruiting needs and a company with recruiting services, and we derive our expertise from the core idea of this theory itself. We keep on concentrating to make our services more and more result-oriented. We are having state of the art resources and the best professionals in the industry to take care of the recruitment process beginning through end. We provide our services to all types of industry and anywhere. Our services can be obtained from any part of the world.

Benefits of RPO

Leading companies choose recruitment process outsourcing as a tool to achieve strategic advantage. In this way, they acquire better employees, more quickly and by employing fewer resources.

In addition, the cost of operation, risk, and complexity is reduced to a significant extent and the money, along with every other resource, is invested strategically.

It helps them focus on the more important aspect – ‘the growth of the company’, while we provide unhindered support to them.

And thanks to the foreign exchange rates, when you outsource recruitment process services from India, you get to avail these services at the most reasonable price possible.

“Acquiring Quality Candidates, Creating A Smarter Workforce.”

Why NCS?

Maximum ROI

At NCS, we find you the top talents more quickly, thereby giving you the maximum return on your investment. We understand the crucial need of utilizing your business resources in an optimal way.

RPO Customization

At NCS, every step of recruitment process outsourcing is customizable to meet your business organization needs. We work to deliver sourcing, recruitment and hiring solution designed around you.

Global Outreach

Global outreach of our elite recruiters lets you acquire the most talented professionals from around the world. Your competitors are global; you need a global workforce to meet them effectively.


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