As the world is changing, so is the shipping industry. New megaships keep outsizing older models, while emerging technologies boost efficiency and the green image of shipping. The industry concerned with transporting freight ESPECIALLY SHIPS

The maritime industry is constantly evolving and striving for increased innovation. The past few years have been exceptionally interesting. Major trends like globalisation and containerization have reshaped the industry and continue to present us with challenging changes even today. This dynamic environment creates a very interesting work setting, pushing the abilities of the employees to the limit and setting a high standard for future co-workers.  When looking towards the future of maritime shipping, a few emerging trends can be observed. New ways of doing business, earning money and distinguishing yourself from the competition are created on a daily basis.


The shipping industry is inter-linked with the state of the global economy. It is complex and notoriously volatile in nature. Shipping being highly dependent on trade flows across the globe has seen cyclic booms and busts following the fluctuations in the world’s economy. The recent economic turmoil has resulted in shrinking container trade as global demand for raw materials and finished goods dived.

Currently, there are more than one million seafarers managing around 50,000 internationally trading ships of various types around the globe. The basic type of ships includes container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, ferries, cruise ships and specialized ships. General cargo ships made up about 37% of the world’s fleet in terms of deadweight tonnage (dwt), 25 % tankers, 14% bulk carriers, 12% passenger ships and 8 % container ships. The remaining 4% includes ships of specialized nature and which cannot be included in the above mentioned categories.



The international shipping industry contributes about 90% to the world trade. It has immense contribution to the global economy, especially to the global oil industry. The import and export of food and goods throughout the world highly depends on this industry. A country’s export potential is directly linked to its shipping machinery. The shipping industry provides amazing career opportunities for the skilled individuals who are enthusiastic to work in this field. The industry is advanced and looks forward to hire qualified professionals with proper efficiency and experience.

NCS stands for providing enormous recruitment solutions to its clients in both technical and commercial shipping sectors. We offer a varied range of jobs including ship brokers, naval architects, charterers and technical superintendents. Professional of all trades is needed here. Sales Managers, entertainers, engineers, shipping crews, laborers for loading and unloading, heavy machinery operators, medical professional, captains and many more.


We conduct a proper screening procedure to select the right individuals. We look forward to hire qualified professionals who are motivated, hard working and possess a keen interest in working with this sector. Candidates with prior exposure to Sea or service in naval wings of their country’s armed forces are given higher preference.

The job duties may be divided as full time and part time. NCS understands the shipping business and believe in building a strong relationship with its clients by providing the right people for the right job in a timely manner. 


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